Child Care

  • We will expand funding for child care in low-income areas to ensure that every family has access to quality child care.
  • Increase quality child care
  • By expanding tax credits to childcare workers and institutions we will be able to increase staffing and subsidize training for childcare workers. 

Universal Pre-K 

Parents overwhelmingly support universal pre-K as an effective system, we should make it accessible to all families that want to participate. 


We must evaluate the standards by which to judge educational success, the standardized testing system is not representative of the success in our classroom. A large margin of Educators feel they are teaching to a test and that their hands are tied

We must directly address the correlation between poverty and poor educational outcomes, invest in student transportation to ensure safety, provide resources for crucial positions like nurses and substitute teachers and invest in technology to enable our children to compete in the 21st Century. 

Increase in teacher pay

We see more teachers leaving the field than coming in. Our teachers, paraprofessionals, and staff deserve competitive wages and investment in our classrooms. Many teachers pay for classroom supplies out of pocket, while the system continually cuts budgets.

Invest in classroom Technology

Though we are seeing students return to the classroom after a long period of virtual learning, we must invest in technology to better equip teachers and students alike in a growing age of Technology. Funding for computers and broadband is vital to provide equal and quality education across the state. 

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