Voting Rights

We must pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act

  • The right to vote is as fundamental as the Constitution, limiting access to voting options is antithetical to the basic idea of By The People. The Post Office should be strengthened and defended so that everyone feels comfortable casting a mail-in ballot if they are unable to vote on election day due to work, illness, travel, or caring for a loved one.

Stop Gerrymandering

  • Gerrymandered districts do not truly represent voters in MO, but rather marginalize voters for political gain, whether state legislative or Congressional. Moreover, we must end the practice of state interference and restore local control in local elections.
  • The number of signatures needed for an Initiative Petition Process should decrease so that it is easier for voters to be directly involved in legislation that makes a difference locally. 

Improved Voter Registration and safeguards 

  • Voters who are eligible to vote but who did not have an opportunity to register should be able to register and vote on Election Day with proper safeguards

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