Medicare for All

  • Missourians overwhelmingly voted for Medicaid expansion. Medicare for All cuts the ties between healthcare and your job.  It allows everyone to receive quality care that is affordable at the hospital, pharmacy, or doctor’s office. It will cover primary, mental, dental, vision, women’s health, and emergency room care in addition to prescription drugs.
  • Under Medicare for All, Americans are far more likely to engage in preventative healthcare measures, like annual physicals, or to see the doctor of their choice before an illness progresses.

Pharmaceutical Reform 

  • The government system would be able to, just like other developed countries, negotiate a set standard of fair prices with pharmaceutical and insurance companies.  No one should ever choose between paying rent and buying insulin.

Mental Health

  • Mental health, counseling, housing, and addiction services should be expanded due to the alarming rate of depression and suicide common in Missouri, particularly among those in rural communities.  

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