Supply Chain

  • The best way to bolster the American supply chain is to make more products in the USA.
  • Companies who invest in manufacturing, particularly lean manufacturing, following the principles of Six Sigma and Green Chemistry, and responsibly managing their carbon footprint should receive tax incentives. Farmers should see the most benefit from conservation efforts and improvements.
  • All manufacturers must adhere to strict safety standards and pay fair wages or face harsh penalties. Corporations must pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Infrastructure should be updated so that trucks drive on good roads, dams should be updated, and water that comes out of pipes should be lead-free.


  • Rural areas throughout the state require high-quality broadband to keep up with technological advancements, with the covid pandemic we have seen education move from the classroom to the kitchen table, many without access to reliable internet, and as a result, students are unable to attend school. 
  • Broadband also plays a major role in advanced technology that can advance better crops and make farming more efficient.
  • People with disabilities need access to online medical services & technology to aid them in everyday activities
  • Education and job training can be done online, as well as many jobs through remote work.  

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