Bethany Mann Statement on Abortion Bans Proposed by Senator Graham and Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer

September 14, 2022

Senator Graham proposed a dangerous ban on abortion after 15 weeks. He inaccurately called this legislation a late-term abortion ban, when in reality it’s a bad policy funded by religious extremists and corporate lobby groups. It’s time to stop bad bills from killing Americans because of weak leadership.

This federal ban would further strip away access that Americans have to healthcare, but Blaine Luetkemeyer does not think that this ban goes far enough. Blaine co-sponsored a bill HR705 The Fetal Heartbeat Bill that would prohibit abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Luetkemeyer wants more healthcare restrictions for Americans, and he routinely votes for their medical care to be more expensive. His policies endanger the lives of Missourians, and voters in Missouri’s 3rd district should vote his extremism out on November 8th.

A pregnant person does not go in to see an OB-GYN for their full anatomy ultrasound to determine viability of their pregnancy until 20 weeks. That’s assuming that the mother has reasonable access to healthcare, transportation, and can find a nearby medical center or hospital to make an appointment and afford their copay or a payment on their past-due balance. If a problem exists, it could take weeks to get a follow-up appointment, and many medical facilities are already short-staffed because of COVID and increases in medical emergencies related to COVID. Imagine being a pregnant person with a pregnancy complication waiting around for hours in a crowded hospital full of potentially fatal disease to find out whether or not your doctor will save your life, and all because a politician took a campaign donation from an organization that wants to strip away the rights of American workers, especially women and those in marginalized communities. 

It sounds absurd, but that’s Luetkemeyer’s alarmingly out-of-touch and extreme proposal. It strips families of dignity and respect through government overreach, greed, and religious zealotry steeped in bad theology. Americans deserve compassionate leaders, and not brutal attacks against their personal freedom and financial stability. I am running for Congress against Blaine Luetkemeyer to protect bodily autonomy, Americans’ right to privacy, and equal access to healthcare. We must fix our broken healthcare system, and this includes making sure that reproductive healthcare can be accessed without any penalty. We will reclaim our rights and demand better.

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