Bethany Mann Statement on Reproductive Rights and the Decision to Overturn Roe

July 3, 2022

The decision to overturn Roe comes after decades of organized efforts to dismantle human rights, so that Christofascists can rise to power on the backs of U.S. workers, particularly women and those in marginalized communities with high maternal death rates. It has nothing to do with babies or the sanctity of life to those who propagate false information about abortion and other forms of healthcare. It's about money, power, division, and erasure. 

It's no accident that this decision happens during Pride month. It sends a clear message for whose rights will be next. Meanwhile, the same wealthy groups of leaders and their donors decimate public education, strip workers of their rights, and allow corporations to wreck our environment by polluting our water and farmland. This must end. 

What do we do next? Congress must immediately pass the Women's Health Protection Act, and the Equal Rights Amendment should be fully ratified. The Supreme Court should be expanded, and anti-corruption and ethics rules should be applied to the Court to protect the integrity of our institutions. We must vote in every election, and end gerrymandering that prevents Missourians from overturning extreme laws that violate human rights.

I call on President Biden to use his executive authority to protect the rights of military service members from being able to access reproductive healthcare services wherever they are stationed, without imposing undue financial burden or invading their privacy. 

These laws make our country less safe, particularly in states with trigger laws like Missouri, where rural families already drive many hours to access basic medical care that costs too much. Missourians cannot afford to live through another healthcare crisis due to failed leadership.

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